The Thoughtful Classroom Partner Profile: Early Success in the South Bronx

At a time when many urban schools have become obsessed with short-term gains on tests, CACPCS has embraced a whole-child approach to education. In the school’s recent work with Silver Strong & Associates, the staff has been working to select and refine tools that enhance the social and emotional well-being of its students. (Click to learn more.)

The Strategic Teacher: Better Instruction, Deeper Learning, Higher Achievement Instruction

One of the greatest challenges facing today’s school leaders is the challenge of raising the expertise of their teachers. We hear more calls for teacher effectiveness than ever before, and teacher effectiveness is a significant part of the national discussion on education. Everybody agrees that what teachers do in the classroom matters deeply. (Click to learn more.)

Thoughtful Classroom Professional Learning Portfolios: A Model for Strategic Planning and Strategic Instruction

Linda Lippit, Ph.D
Research Consultant

This Research Report outlines the progress of teachers and administrators working together in Hardin County, Kentucky to establish effective Professional Learning Communities and improve strategic instruction at the elementary school level… (Click to learn more.)

Case Studies

  1. The Highest Increase in Graduation in NYS
    (East Syracuse Minoa Central School District – New York)
    (Click to read the case study.)

  2. How does a good district become an even better district?
    (Niagara-Wheatfield School District – New York)
    (Click to read the case study.)

  3. How did an eighth grade math team almost double the number of students who achieved at the highest levels on state math tests?
    (Harrison Public Schools – New York)
    (Click to read the case study.)

  4. How did a district that contains over 95% of their county’s low income housing receive the US Department of Education’s Model Professional Development Award?
    (Geneva City School District – New York)
    (Click to read the case study.)

  5. How did one district raise its course pass rates by double digit margins for its most at-risk students?
    (Liverpool Central School District – New York)
    (Click to read the case study.)

  6. How did one of the lowest performing districts become the highest performing district in their state in only two years?
    (School Administrative District #37 – Maine)
    (Click to read the case study.)

  7. How did a rural district improve test scores by 13% district-wide?
    (McCreary County Schools – Kentucky)
    (Click to read the case study.)