The Learning Style Inventory for Elementary Students (LSIE)
The Learning Style Inventory for Elementary Students (LSIE)

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Put the power of learning style profiles to work in elementary settings with the new, self-scoring Learning Style Inventory for Elementary Students. Kids love it because it‘s filled with fun activities that teach them about themselves and others. Teachers rely on it for the insight it yields about how to reach and motivate their young learners. Features include:

• Four comic-book-style characters who bring each learning style to life

• A reader-friendly, easy-to-score inventory

• A set of style-based activities that help students practice what they have learned by working in all four styles

• A brief Teacher’s Guide explaining how to introduce and use the LSIE with young learners, build a classroom profile, and “Teach Around the Wheel” of learning style

(Grades 2-5)


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