The Learning Style Inventory for Students User’s Manual
The Learning Style Inventory for Students User’s Manual

DISCONTINUED — We will be exploring new technological solutions to make this work more powerful and student-friendly in the future.

If you have any Learning Style Inventories for Students (Grade 6 – Adult) on hand that still need to be scored, please send them to our office with the appropriate scoring sheets.  All inventories must arrive at our office no later than Friday, February 2, 2018.  Once they are received, they will be scored and uploaded to the server. From there, you will be notified, via email and phone, that your report(s) are ready and can be accessed/printed. Reports will be available for you to download/print until March 15, 2018.

Developed to go hand-in-hand with the Learning Style Inventory for Students (LSIS), the LSIS User's Manual offers you step-by-step instructions for administering the LSIS and interpreting the results. You'll learn how you can use this information to develop powerful lessons to engage each of the students in your classroom.

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