The Strategic Teacher

The Strategic Teacher:
Selecting the Right Research-Based Strategy for Every Lesson

Harvey F. Silver, Richard W. Strong, and Matthew J. Perini

Grades K-12 $27.95

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Pillar III: Diversity
              That Works

Differentiation is nothing new. All teachers adjust instruction, assignments, and even tone of voice to meet the needs of different students. However, recent calls for wider and more varied approaches to differentiation have overwhelmed many schools, their teachers, and their administrators. If differentiation is to work, if it is to meet its goal of increasing each and every learner’s opportunity to find relevance and achieve success in school, then it must be manageable. That’s why The Thoughtful Classroom is designed around a model of diversity that is as practical as it is well-researched: learning styles. Over the last thirty years, we have helped thousands of schools engage, motivate, and raise the achievement of all learners with a classroom friendly model of diversity based on four dominant learning styles:



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