The Learning Style Inventory™ for Students

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New Features!

• Statistically validated questions
• Student’s Introduction to Learning Styles
• Expanded reporting system
• Compatible with data management systems
• FREE access to online resources

Silver Strong & LSIS Training

“Many of the students we are consigning to the dust heaps of our classrooms have the abilities to succeed...We are failing to recognize the variety of thinking and learning styles they bring to the classroom and teaching them in ways that don’t fit them well.”

--Dr. Robert J. Sternberg
IBM Professor of Psychology and Education
Yale University

When combined with Silver Strong training, the Learning Style Inventory for Students becomes an incredibly powerful tool for raising student achievement and empowering teachers with the tools and techniques they need to bring diversity into their classrooms.

Many administrators and teachers today are charged with developing Individualized Education Programs (IEP) for learners classified as having a disability. The LSIS provides educators with data they can use to create effective IEPs and meet adequate yearly practice standards set by No Child Left Behind.

Using the data gathered from the LSIS, Silver Strong trainers can help teachers and administrators:

  • Develop effective individual education plans for individuals or classes.
  • Design powerful differentiated instruction and assessment models.
  • Advise parents on homework and learning strategies.
  • Devise varied learning paths to help different students meet the same standard.
  • Correlate learning style data with student achievement to analyze the effectiveness of various teaching methods or strategies.

Silver Strong offers both standard and customized training. For more information on training for your school or district, please call us toll free at 800-962-4432.

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