The Learning Style Inventory™ for Students

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New Features!

• Statistically validated questions
• Student’s Introduction to Learning Styles
• Expanded reporting system
• Compatible with data management systems
• FREE access to online resources

Research on LSIS

In 2001 the LSIS was independently validated and normed by Emeritus Professor Peter Abrahms, Ph.D., of the Department of Instruction Technology, Research, and Assessment at Northern Illinois University. The sample used in the statistical analysis was comprised of 1,406 students from two U.S. states. Of the 1,406 students, 50.1% were male and 49.9% were female with ages ranging from 9 to 21 years.

Reliability data was collected on the LSIS in two distinct ways. First, an item analysis was conducted which correlated each item of a given learning style with the total score for that learning style. This was done for each of the four learning styles measured, as well as for the items measuring introversion and extroversion. Second, a split half reliability analysis was conducted by comparing participants’ responses to the items from the first half of the instrument with their responses to the second half items. Each analysis yielded positive correlations indicating a high level of reliability for a learning style inventory.

For more information regarding the reliability and validity of the LSIS, or for a copy of the statistical analysis conducted by Professor Peter Abrahms, please click here.




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