The Strategic Teacher

The Strategic Teacher:
Selecting the Right Research-Based Strategy for Every Lesson

Harvey F. Silver, Richard W. Strong, and Matthew J. Perini

Grades K-12 $27.95

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Harvey Silver, EdD

Harvey is the cofounder and president of Silver Strong & Associates and Thoughtful Education Press. A nationally recognized presenter, trainer, and coach, Dr. Silver has conducted thousands of professional development workshops and institutes for schools, districts, and state education organizations. With the late Richard W. Strong, Harvey developed The Thoughtful Classroom™—a renowned professional development program dedicated to the goal of "Making Students as Important as Standards." More recently, Dr. Silver has collaborated with Matthew J. Perini (SSA's Director of Publishing & Content Development) and hundreds of educators from across the country to develop The Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Framework (TCTEF)—a comprehensive system for observing, evaluating, and refining classroom practice.

Harvey has also authored a number of articles, books, and resources, including these recent bestsellers: The Core Six, Tools for Thoughtful Assessment, and The Strategic Teacher.

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Tom Dewing, EdD
Tom has been serving the academic needs of students for the past forty years. Through his work as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, district level coordinator, principal, university instructor, and international presenter, Dr. Dewing has gained accolades and awards from colleagues, districts, and state and national organizations. However, his greatest honor is seeing his students and colleagues implement Thoughtful Classroom principles and practices to transform their classrooms into rich and rewarding learning sanctuaries.
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Susan Kreisman
Susan is a graduate of City University of New York where she teaches graduate-level courses in Curriculum Theory and Development. She is one of the creators—and was the principal for nine years—of Manhattan Hunter Science High School, an initiative of Hunter College in New York City. Prior to this experience, Susan served as an Assistant Principal and English and reading teacher. She has become an effective trainer and evaluator in multiple teacher evaluation frameworks, differentiated instruction, school leadership, and the development of professional learning communities..
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Joyce W. Jackson
Joyce has over thirty years of experience in education, from classroom teacher to professional development leader. She currently coaches and mentors educators across the country, helping them enhance the effectiveness of their classroom instruction, assessment, and curriculum design. Her work often focuses on literacy, differentiated instruction, professional learning, and integrating support structures for continuous school improvement. In her previous roles with the Kentucky Department of Education, she worked with low-performing and priority schools to close achievement gaps and improve teaching and learning.
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Dean Auriemma
Dean has over 25 years of professional experience in education, with a strong background in art, and is a National Board Certified Teacher. While teaching in Chicagoland, Dean was named one of the top ten teachers for the prestigious Golden Apple Foundation award and continues to serve this organization today. Before becoming an educational consultant, Dean served as Principal and Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Development at high schools in Illinois and Maine. Dean regularly presents at state and national conferences, and has extensive experience working with teachers on observations, evaluations, and through teacher induction and mentoring programs.
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Dr. Ed Thomas
ed_thomasEd is founder and president of Dimension 2000, a professional development organization that works with teachers of mathematics. He has over 30 years of experience as a mathematics teacher from the secondary to undergraduate levels. Dr. Thomas has authored several articles and books on mathematics instruction and has developed a number of educational games and resources for the mathematics classroom. He has conducted workshops for schools and districts throughout the country, and he regularly presents at general education and mathematics conferences.
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Cindy Weber
Cindy has over 40 years of experience in education, serving as a teacher, vocational education director, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent in Michigan and New York. With her district's educators, Cindy was instrumental in the piloting and early development of the Thoughtful Classroom Frameworks (TCTEF/TCPEF). She presents regularly at state and regional conferences, and has published articles on improving teacher effectiveness district-wide. Cindy's mission is to help districts implement dynamic processes that focus on enhancing professional growth and student achievement.
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Mike Bublitz
Mike, after serving more than three decades as a teacher and administrator in several Michigan districts, began his work as an educational consultant in the areas of educator evaluation, school improvement planning, and Title I planning. His decades of experience as a building principal and district director provide insights for districts who are implementing the Thoughtful Classroom Frameworks (TCTEF/TCPEF). Michael's mission is to help districts implement processes that provide fair and accurate evaluations for their staff that focus on improvement and feedback for professional growth.
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Claudia Geocaris, EdD
Claudia GeocarisClaudia has nearly two decades of experience as an educational consultant. A former science teacher, Claudia has also served as a department chair, STEM Consultant, Assistant Principal, and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. She shares her passion for student-centered instruction in the classroom by regularly presenting on learning and thinking styles, research-based strategies, thoughtful assessment, and educator evaluation. Claudia has authored several articles on the evolving role of principals and is developing a collection of instructional tools for STEM in grades K-8.
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Victor Klein
Vic an experienced educator and former building administrator, has been a trainer for Silver Strong & Associates for the last 30 years. He has supervised three Thoughtful Classroom schools at the primary, secondary, and middle school levels. As a trainer and coach, his areas of professional development expertise lie in professional learning communities, teacher rounds, administrative training, and unit and lesson design.
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Daniel Moirao, EdD
Dan has served as a classroom teacher and site and district administrator in a variety of school districts ranging from rural to urban to suburban, representing every level of the socioeconomic spectrum. A recognized presenter and consultant, Dr. Moirao is a pioneer in school reform who works extensively with teachers, administrators, and school communities to create climates where all students can learn. His focus is on learning style theory and teaching strategies. He has experience working with school districts to help them develop culturally responsive curricula that differentiate instruction with a goal of developing the higher-order thinking skills of all students.
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Barbara Heinzmann
Barb, an energetic and vibrant educator with 34 years of classroom experience, is nationally recognized for her innovative approach to elementary literacy and math as well as for her extensive experience in coaching teachers through the change and implementation process.
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Sherry Gibbon
a former teacher and department chair with thirty-four years of classroom experience, is currently a professor working with pre-service teachers at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. A recipient of NY's Distinguished Educator Award, Sherry was recently elected President of NY State Council for the Social Studies.
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