The Strategic Teacher

The Strategic Teacher:
Selecting the Right Research-Based Strategy for Every Lesson

Harvey F. Silver, Richard W. Strong, and Matthew J. Perini

Grades K-12 $27.95

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Educational Leadership

Strengthening Student Engagement: What Do Students Want (and what really motivates them)?
Authors: Richard Strong, Harvey F. Silver, and Amy Robinson

Students who are engaged in their work are energized by four goals success, curiosity, originality, and satisfying relationships. How do we cultivate these drives in the classroom? (more)


Educational Leadership

Integrating Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
Authors: Harvey Silver, Richard Strong, and Matthew Perini

What does it mean to express kinesthetic intelligence in an interpersonal way? Integrating styles and intelligences can help children learn in many ways not just in the areas of their strengths. (more)


Educational Leadership

Making Students as Important as Standards
Authors: Richard W. Strong, Harvey F. Silver, and Matthew J. Perini

Educators can align curriculum, instruction, and assessment with both standards and students in mind so that standards serve teaching and learning instead of the other way around. (more)


Educational Leadership

Boredom and Its Opposite
Authors: Richard Strong, Harvey Silver, Matthew Perini, and Greg Tuculescu

An understanding of natural human interests gives teachers tools for overcoming students' reluctance to learn. (more)


Educational Leadership

Creating a Differentiated Mathematics Classroom
Authors: Richard Strong, Ed Thomas, Matthew Perini, and Harvey Silver

Recognizing different mathematical learning styles and adapting differentiated teaching strategies can facilitate student learning. (more)