Thoughtful Classroom Newsletter Vol. 2.

Lessons from
My Thoughtful Classroom p.1
New Product Showcase:
From the Classroom
to the Web p.1
Congratulations to
Thomas Dooley Elementary p.5
The “CRAFT” of Leadership p.6
Book Review: Changing Minds
by Howard Gardner p.8
Classroom Tool #9:
Associations p.12
Upcoming Events p.16

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Thoughtful Classroom Newsletter Vol. 1

Making Students as
Important as Standards p.1
Teaching Strategy:
Inductive Writing p.3
New Product Showcase p.6
Success Story: From the
Bottom to the Top -
Maine SAD 37 p.9
Book Review: Building
Background Knowledge
by Robert Marzano p.11
Classroom Tool #26:
Math Notes p.13
Upcoming Events p.15

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