Here's what teachers at Manhattan Hunter Science High School are saying about The Thoughtful Classroom

"I really enjoyed the seminar on how to utilize all four aspect of learning in the classroom. I am a mathematics teacher, and the technique that caught my attention is when the mentor explained how to move from mastery level for example to self-expressing in a math problem. The mentor explained that it is important to ask a question that we want the students to know. The question was: What is the Pythagorean theorem?

Since the question is based on mastery level, the mentor explained how to change the skills of learning into a self-expressing skill. "Just change the question around" said the mentor. "Instead of asking: what is the Pythagorean Theorem, ask what would the world be WITHOUT the Pythagorean theorem." It really opened my eyes on how of the theorem is implied in the real world.

I really enjoyed the seminar and I am looking forward to the next one."

Marc Drouin, Math Coach

"I really enjoyed the PD on task rotation this week. I like the fact that we were introduced to strategies and activities that we can use the very next day in our classrooms. I love the allegory activity in which we divided the paper into boxes and told the story through pictures and allegories, only to write what it all stood for on the opposite side of the page. "

Greg Andronica ESL teacher


Hunter Science High Scho

Photos by Loni Fredryx

"Silver, Strong and Associates' training sessions have shown me effective ways of teaching my students by targeting their diverse learning styles through posing a variety of thoughtful questions. I found that when I diversify my style of questioning students were able to comprehend their reading better and write articulately."

Mark Heh, History Teacher

"Silver Strong and Associates' professional development sessions have been very helpful. Dr. Harvey Silver grabs the group from the start and has caused me to think about the questions I ask students. His follow-up workshops reinforced what we learned. As a guidance counselor, I found our work on resistance among students especially valuable and related to what I had learn from Harvey about the value of differentiating questions. I look forward to continuously improving my questioning techniques."

Eric Klein, Guidance Counselor

"The continuity of the Thoughtful Classroom creates a very supportive program. The follow-up sessions hold me more accountable to implementing the strategies in my own classroom. I am more enthusiastic about trying the techniques because I know we can ask for advice if the strategy doesn't quite work out the first time around. Dr. Harvey Silver is very approachable and respectful of teachers."

Grace Knoedler-Warpinski, Spanish Teacher


Hunter Science High Scho

Photos by Loni Fredryx

"The most significant thing I have learned from Dr. Harvey Silver is the differentiation of learning and teaching strategies. One teaching strategy that I would like to implement into my class is to create a three-column (solutions, steps, reasons) chart when solving an equation. I think by practicing the 3-column chart it will help students think more deeply and help retain their learning. Hopefully this strategy can improve my students' understand and practice in problem solving questions. "

Hai Ying Cheung, Math Teacher

"Since I learn by example, I liked how Harvey led us through the task rotation ideas with examples and exercises. I also liked how he kept referring back to the four squares after we completed each activity. I believe in what he says."

Michelle Heft, Math Teacher