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Introducing the Learning Profile System!

The Learning Profile System (LPS) is a new online tool for assessing learning profiles for students in grades 2-12. Finally, a fast and accurate method for determining the best ways to reach the various learners in every classroom. The LPS is an essential tool for differentiating instruction and Response to Intervention efforts.

Entirely web-based, the Learning Profile System includes two age-appropriate Learning Profile Inventories, comprehensive reporting, and the resources teachers need to convert specific student information into positive results in the classroom.

The LPS can help your school increase student achievement by providing teachers with the information they need to: reach and motivate young learners, develop meaningful IEPs, design differentiated instruction and assessment models, advise parents on homework and learning strategies, and devise varied learning paths to help different students meet standards.

The LPS offers two distinct learning style inventories: The LSIS for grades 6-12, which has been independently validated by Dr. Peter Abrams, and the LSIE for grades 2-5, which provides younger students with an engaging way to learn about themselves and their peers.

Because students take the inventories independently on individual computers, the LPS enables teachers to assess students simultaneously without the need for specially trained administrators. Unlike other assessments, the LPS does not require your staff to hand score tests, input data, or perform data analysis. Results are compiled automatically and are available in real time as detailed reports for students, teachers, and administrators. Because the LPS is SIF compliant, and information can be uploaded to a student's permanent school file, a one-time investment in the LPS can provide both teachers and students with the information needed to improve students’ learning for years to come.

The Learning Profile System includes…


Easy to administer Learning Profile Inventories

    • Available in two formats: grades 2-5 and grades 6-12
    • Untimed, self-paced, low-pressure environment
    • Ability to assess many students simutaneously with instant, automatic scoring
>> Click to view a live demo of an inventory: Grades 2-5 | Grades 6-12


Powerful reporting and management tools for teachers and administrators

  • • Detailed Learner Profile Reports for the student and teacher describing how each student learns
    best and the critical factors affecting each student’s success
    • Suggested research-based tools and strategies for actively engaging, supporting, and
    challenging each student
    • SIF compliance: Administrator access and management for all student profiles and aggregate
    reports (by classroom, building, and/or district)
>> Click to view sample reports


A comprehensive Learning Profile Resource Center for educators

    Research and case studies
    • Insights, tools, and classroom-ready strategies for engaging students with varied learning profiles
    in crucial content areas
    • Tips for helping struggling students
>> For more information, visit the Learning Profile Resource Center

Differentiation is more
accessible than ever
with the LPS!

The Learning Style Inventory for Elementary Students (LSIE) is designed for grades 2-5.

Grades 2-5
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The Learning Style Inventory for Students (LSIS) is designed for grades 6 and above.

Grades 6+
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Professional Development: When combined with Silver Strong & Associates training, the Learning Style Inventory for Students becomes an incredibly powerful tool for raising student achievement and empowering teachers…

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In 2001, the LSIS was independently validated and normed by Emeritus Professor Peter Abrams, PhD, of the Educational Technology Research, and Assessment department at Northern Illinois University.

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