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The Learning Style Inventory™ for Students

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New Features!

• Statistically validated questions
• Student’s Introduction to Learning Styles
• Expanded reporting system
• Compatible with data management systems
• FREE access to online resources

Without a clear understanding of how each student learns, there is little possibility we will be able to raise our standards. The Learning Style Inventory for Students (LSIS) is the most valid, reliable, and practical tool for obtaining this information for all our students.

Welcome to the LSIS Resource Center where you will find a wealth of information on the new Learning Style Inventory for Students, along with powerful tips and strategies for working with different learners, descriptions of Silver Strong professional development training, and links to other award-winning products and services we offer.

Introduction to the LSIS
Based on the work of renowned psychologist Carl Jung, our learning style model provides educators with means for understanding and working with the learning differences in their classrooms. Click here for a brief description of our model.

Research on LSIS
The LSIS was statistically validated and normed and yielded higher than average reliability and validity data for a psychological assessment of its kind. Click here for a copy or the research study as well as other studies and dissertations involving the LSIS.

Silver Strong and LSIS Training
Our trainers have over 35 years of experience in professional development. Click here for information on how the LSIS fits into our professional development model and the wide variety of training we offer.

Help for Struggling Students
Teachers often encounter difficulty in developing meaningful plans for students whose academic performance falls below curriculum standards. Click here for solutions to the most common learning problems that students in each style may experience.

Do you have a question about the LSIS? Click here to browse and extensive list of questions and answers ranging from “How much does the LSIS cost?” to “Who was Carl Jung?”

LSIS Instructions
Receiving your LSIS scores in an accurate and timely manner is as important to us as it is to you. To insure a smooth scoring process, pay special attention when packing and shipping your completed LSIS's to us. Click here for simple, yet important, instructions.

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